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Train Everyone Launch Trains


We can help launch More ARTs and Value Streams

With a successful pilot ART launched its time to think about scaling that success to other part of the organisation.

After all, the more ARTs launched, the greater the return. The pattern is the same. Simply repeat the critical moves that worked the first time:

  • Prepare for ART launch

  • Train teams and launch the ART

  • Coach ART execution

We will devote the same attention and effort to the next ART as was paid to the first one. Our passion for SAFe and scaling agile means we can give as much love and care to each subsequent ART as we did to the first.

Launch More Value Streams

Launching the first full value stream is a major milestone in the transformation. Outcomes are improving. People are happier. The new way of working is being ingrained into the habits of the organization. The culture is evolving as well. It’s a good time for us to help you extend to more values steam through an invitation based approach helping to work with your senior leadership team to embraced and understand the benefits realise with the first value stream.

We have in the past helped clients manage their SAFe implementation by using the SAFe implementation railway once they have started to launch multiple trains.


SAFe Implementation Railway

To know more contact us to discuss your needs either by email: or by phone

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