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Train Everyone Launch Trains


We can help create your implementation plan

Three things you need to do to get your SAFE implementation going.


  1. Pick the first value stream

  2. Select the first ART

  3. Create a preliminary plan for additional ARTs and value streams

  • We can provide council for helping you to pick the first value stream. We spent all our time doing SAFe so we can provide good advice when you need to talk to us about these matters.

  • We have launched a number of successful ARTs and know a thing or two about what make them tick. We presented a talk to Scaled Agile about what make ARTs successful so we feel confident it's something your like to hear, when looking to select your first ART. 

  • We specialise in successful ART launches – it's what we do when we are not doing SAFe training.

  • We can help you create and paint your Development Value Stream Canvas and make it a masterpiece.

  • If you are looking to create a preliminary plan for additional ARTs and value streams. We will be ready to support you in doing that too. Not only have we launched single ARTs successfully we have launched Multiple ARTs at the same time to delivery a complex large solution within critical timelines which needed to be completed in 6 months.

  • We’ve been there and done it, so why not callus for a chat, if that’s something you need help with.

To know more contact us to discuss your needs either by email: or by phone

020 7043 2268   

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