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We Accelerate your SAFe Transformation

Accelerating your SAFe transformation requires us to build on the benefits gained. Our SPCs will help your enterprise accelerate its journey towards business agility by using a number of our key SAFe accelerator toolkits.

To do this requires dedication to basic and advanced practices, self-reflection, and retrospection.

Here are some tips that an enterprise can use to ensure relentless improvement:


  • Measure the performance of the portfolio

  • Reinforce the basics

  • Progress toward mastery

  • Anchor new behaviours in the culture

  • Apply learnings across the enterprise

Measure the Performance of the Portfolio

One of the most important steps to accelerate progress toward business agility is to assess how far the portfolio has come, leverage its strengths, and to focus improvement efforts on any areas of weakness.

If the organization followed the guidance in Measure and Grow to conduct baseline business agility assessments at the start of the SAFe implementation, then a re-assessment using the same 21 dimensions of business agility can quickly shine the spotlight on the most critical areas of focus for relentless improvement activities.


Our experienced SPCs can assist in helping to create the SAFe Business Agility assessment so that you can baseline and improve your business agility.

Book a workshop assessment today to conduct your SAFe Business Agility assessment.

Reinforce the Basics

In virtually every team sport, when teams start to falter during a season, coaches will refocus their players on the basic fundamentals of their positions as the first step to getting back on the path to winning. The same is often true for organizations adopting SAFe.

At the beginning of the transformation journey, great focus was placed on the basics of Lean-Agile and SAFe principles, Team and Technical Agility, and Agile Product Delivery.

Everyone was trained, and much of the initial emphasis was on learning the basics of SAFe. As more trains are launched and the organization’s attention moves to new challenges, steps in the implementation roadmap may be skipped along the way. Practices that were closely followed in the beginning may have been altered or discontinued.

Whether it’s due to lack of understanding, a desire to shortcut the path to agility, or the natural ebb and flow of a large company, the end result is that one (or several) of the ten critical ART success factors of SAFe are not being followed.


Experience from thousands of SAFe implementations has shown that skipping any of these ten factors will inevitably lead to the inability of the portfolio to achieve optimal results from implementing SAFe to achieve business agility.

Book a workshop today to conduct your SAFe Essential SAFe 101 assessment.

Progress Towards Mastery

Once the recommendations of the SAFe business agility assessment have been followed and the critical success factors are consistently practiced by every ART, the portfolio should see significant improvement in all competencies and dimensions.

By this time, value is being delivered frequently, customers and business owners are happy, and everyone in the portfolio is energized. Now what? You want to keep things running smooth and improve your ARTs resilience so they can handle the changing global landscape and not be bumped of the tracks.

Book your SAFe Release Train Engineer training or SAFe Advance Scrum Master training with us today. Click on the books below to go to the training calendar.

Anchor New Behaviours in the Culture

The work to implement SAFe and achieve mastery of the seven competencies will inevitably shift the culture of the organization. Anchoring this shift so that it becomes permanent is critical to ensuring the organization keeps progressing and doesn’t slip back into old patterns of behaviour.

Our SPCs are always available to support your in anchoring this new behaviour through Agile Coaching including using our Zoom-Out session.

Book a Zoom-Out workshop today email us at :

Apply Learnings Across the Enterprise

It is common for the world’s largest organizations to have many portfolios. Success in one portfolio does not ensure success in other portfolios. As the initial portfolio adopting SAFe makes headway on its progress towards business agility, the final stage of Accelerate is to leverage the learnings and successes of the pioneering organization to transform the remaining portfolios.

 The recommended pattern is to provide change agents from the initial portfolio with the opportunity to transplant into subsequent portfolios, bringing with them all of the experience and insights of implementing SAFe.

To keep this pattern from crippling the first portfolio, organizations should aggressively invest in cultivating the next generation of leaders in every role so they are prepared to step in when their counterparts move on to launch the transformation in other portfolios. Planned well, these transitions can be smooth and can also create great opportunity and upward mobility for these leaders.

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